There’s no doubt that Apple designed the Airpods for a generic ear size  however unless you’re the lucky one with that ear size you’ll soon be looking for ways to make these things stick if you’re doing anything strenuous whilst wearing them.


If all you’re doing is commutating to work and using them, there’s probably no reason to over complicate things, and as good as any earphones on the market for that.


However why spend good money on a set on earphones that you can’t do a little more with. There’s now an array of products on that market that helps you to exactly this or so they claim.


If you just wanted the security of them not falling and bouncing on the ground then you might investigate the simple solution of getting a strap that connects both pieces like a string and sits on the back of your neck. Straps are very easy to detach and that’s key here as eventually they will need to go into the charging box and anything you attach onto them needs to come off.


A strap isn’t for everyone especially as it largely defeats the purpose of having independent earpieces.


The other alternative is to use Air pod Hooks, a silicon casing that covers them and has a hook that holds itself on the inner part of the ear. It’s a simple and a cost-effective solution and according to many online reviews it’s the most efficient solution for anyone looks for air pods that stick whilst running or at the gym.


Ostech Airpod hooks are made of a soft silicon material which ensures total comfort, they are available in 3 colours, white, black and clear.

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